Vitalik Buterin says patience is key as Elon Musk searches for Twitter CEO


Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, recently shared his opinions on who should lead the well-known social media platform, Twitter. Vitalik, out of the experience, advocates for caution while making such a crucial choice, which can have grave consequences if done hastily.

Vitalik: The decision should not be made in a rush 

Buterin also calls for people’s opinions to be heard in any decision about this change while acknowledging the desire of many users for new leadership. 

“I am interested to see who will become the new CEO of Twitter.” On Twitter, Buterin posted. 

Vitalik, in the Twitter thread, further emphasized the need for Elon to take his time before deciding on what route to take regarding the CEO position. Vitalik confesses having learned that fast executive searches may have disastrous outcomes from personal experience. However, he emphasizes that the public’s desire for a new CEO must unquestionably be honored.

This is not the first time Vitalik has spoken on the Twitter CEO issue. Vitalik showed enormous respect for Musk, seeing his decision to step down as supporting people’s beliefs, which according to Vitalik, proved a significant step in adopting the freedom of free expression.

The Twitter CEO question?

How soon Musk will step down and who their replacement will be are still up in the air, based on the fact that he recently acquired the platform. There are rumors that the previous CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, may return to lead the company. Musk said he would leave his position as CEO of Twitter once he found someone “foolish” to fill it. He vowed to follow the outcome after 57.5% of people voted to support his departure.

This comes after the businessman received a lot of criticism for implementing divisive policies while in charge. By lowering the guidelines for content control, civil liberties organizations accuse Musk of encouraging hate speech and false information across the site. Whoever assumes the CEO position will have to cope with a company that has changed significantly in a short period due to significant layoffs, the migration of advertisers, and the prevalence of hate speech.

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