Mindy Kaling Responds to Comments About Her Eating Habits on Instagram


Mindy Kaling wouldn’t be a woman on the internet if she didn’t receive unsolicited comments about her weight and eating habits on Instagram.

On December 21, the Sex Lives of College Girls creator posted an appetizing but otherwise innocuous photo of a recent outing to Pijja Palace in Los Angeles. “Swipe through many photos of me with delicious @pijjapalace food to earn one photo of me and @ericaflener,” Kaling captioned photos from her outing, which included a hearty amount of pizza, hot wings, pasta, and more. 

Of course, the post was immediately flooded with criticism and “concern” over Kaling’s meal and weight, particularly a conspiracy that she didn’t actually eat the food on her plate. (I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t post images of myself with mouthfuls of food to God’s green internet either.) 

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There were enough comments—ranging from particularly condescending to well-meaning (remember, even well-intentioned comments are better kept to oneself)—that Kaling addressed a few of them head-on. “Oh babe I ATE,” she responded to one commenter who had written, “I don’t see any actual eating here but ok.” 


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