Guggenheim CIO and crypto forecaster Scott Minerd dies at 63


Scott Minerd, the chief investment officer of the multinational investment company Guggenheim Partners, passed away on Dec. 22. The community mourns the analyst and the crypto forecaster.

What caused the untimely death of Scott Minerd

Guggenheim Partners reported the untimely and unexpected death of one of Guggenheim’s Managing Partners and its Global CIO, Scott Minerd, at 63. He died from a heart attack during his regular workout.

Guggenheim Partners is a global investment and consulting financial services organization specializing in investment banking, asset management, capital markets services, and insurance.

Mark Walter, the CEO and founder of Guggenheim Partners, stated:

“I have known Scott for over 30 years, and for a large portion of that period, we were partners. Scott was a significant inventor and thought leader who helped transform Guggenheim Holdings into the multinational company it is today.”

Following the company’s establishment, Scott joined Guggenheim as a Managing Partner. He was a stock market and investment pundit on television and through social media. In addition, Scott contributed to creating the structure, policies, and practices that make Guggenheim Investments a robust, resilient, and scalable leader in the asset management industry.

FTX warning from Scott

In addition to being a supporter of cryptos, Scott frequently offered his opinions and suggestions on the rapidly developing blockchain sector. In a televised interview, the late Guggenheim CIO recently discussed the FTX crypto exchange and the subsequent market upheaval.

He asserted that the FTX issue was still ongoing and foresaw more changes in the crypto sector. Scott suggested that numerous crypto companies would declare bankruptcy or cease operations due to the FTX epidemic spreading throughout the industry.

According to a famous quotation attributed to him:

“There’s another shoe to drop, but I can’t tell you where it is. The washout will occur exactly with the internet bubble.”

Scott Minerd, Guggenheim Partners

According to a statement from the business, the investment experts at Guggenheim will continue Scott’s legacy by using the techniques and methods he developed to manage client portfolios.

The official statement added that they would have much more to say about Scott and his numerous accomplishments for their company and the communities they serve in the following several days.

Tom Hearden, a well-known hedge fund manager, shared his sadness on Twitter over Scott’s sudden passing.

Another individual tweeted that they thoroughly enjoyed his market viewpoint during the last few years.

Later, Guggenheim guaranteed that their clients’ services wouldn’t be interrupted and that their investment advisers would continue to monitor each client’s portfolio daily.

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